Corporate Retirement Planning

Professional Guidance

Being a business owner or an entrepreneur comes with many benefits and challenges as your business continues to grow and expand. The ability to offer a retirement plan to attract and retain talented employees serves as a “must-have” for organic growth to continue along with your business. Establishing a plan that will allow better preparation for retirement along with deferring taxes and helping potentially lower your tax bill at the end of the year are just a few benefits. It is important to understand that with these added benefits, comes a huge deal of responsibility for evaluating and managing the investment decision for the plan assets. From plan design to plan implementation, the Department of Labor will hold those responsible of overseeing a retirement plan to a fiduciary level. At TPWA, our ERISA 3(21) Fiduciary advisors can help with the legal responsibilities associated with managing the overall costs and performance of the retirement plan. Working with our firm will allow us to help you select better plan design features and advise on the decision-making process when choosing quality plan investments for your participants.

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